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The Primary Sevens went ‘wild in a Western way’ last night at St Joseph’s! 

They presented the musical comedy ‘Ye-Ha’ and the audience loved it. 

It told the story of a Wild West town.   Something stinks in Splodge City - and it ain't the drains!

Mad Dog McNut and his gang are running wild and Wilbur Hubbard, cowardly cook at the Fordoor Saloon lands the job no-one wants - Sheriff of Splodge.

Luckily for Wilbur, Billie-Jo Brisket and her faithful steed Lightning roll into town to lend a hand, and suddenly the race is on to save the town.

The boys and girls loved line-dancing to Cotton-Eyed Joe and 5,6,7,8.  They danced the Stetson Stomp and sang their hearts out to all the lively and catchy songs.

The acting was first-rate, and everyone delivered their lines brilliantly.  Lots of talent was on display.

The packed audience of parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, childminders and adoring fans were delighted with such a fabulous night of entertainment. 

Congratulations to all our wonderful Primary Seven pupils!