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European Day of Languages


On Wednesday 25th September we celebrated European Day of Languages at St Joseph’s and boy did we do it in style!!!

Each year group dressed in the colours or costumes of their particular European country. We had France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Ireland and Poland. There was also a lot of fabulous research taking place at home with boys and girls finding out about the foods, weather, currency and famous people of their European country. Beautiful posters and interesting mini- projects were brought in to show the rest of the class.

Some children and parents went to unbelievable effort in producing the most amazing costumes and art work. Many classes started to learn some words in the language of their chosen country.  We even had children bringing in tasty foods from these foreign lands!!!

 All in all, we had a great EDL day. There was a fantastic buzz around the school and there is no doubt that we all learnt a little more about the countries in Europe.