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Celebrating Our Carryduff Community


A piece of art work entitled ‘Celebrating Our Carryduff Community’ is now proudly displayed in Reception.  This was created by the Primary Six children in June 2019 as part of their Shared Education project with Carryduff PS and Moneyreagh PS.  An explanation of the art work is set out below.  

This art work was created by pupils from St Joseph’s, Carryduff P.S. and Moneyreagh P.S. as part of a Shared Education project.  The title of the piece is ‘Celebrating Our Carryduff Community’. 

Perhaps the overall theme of the project is best summed up by one child who designed a World ringed with people from all countries. In his words, ‘everyone might have different skin tones and come from different places, but we are all similar and can still be friends and create great a community’. Others tiles depict flags of different nations and a shared green space in Carryduff. 

During the project, the pupils worked together to explore issues relating to identity, stereotyping and building resilience.  Building emotional intelligence was another key theme developed during the project and the children explored important areas such as,

  • How do we think about ourselves?
  • How do we react when we encounter a problem?
  • Coping with change                


The children partnered with the pupils from Carryduff P.S. and Moneyreagh P.S. and worked together as a team so the piece also reflects the theme of ‘Team Work’.  The art work shows a boy who is nervous about the prospect of having to cross a river and, a little girl with droplets coming off her dress, who has just fallen into the water.  Despite this, she decides to bounce back and carry on. She is reaching out for help to another child who has already safely crossed the river.  This shows that working as a team is often much better than trying to do things on your own. ‘Bouncing Back and Building Resilience’ was another important area covered during the project.



The piece also shows a boy anxious about having to climb a rock but, he is going to try it anyway. Above his head is a ‘Keep Going’ tile. This shows that, even though some challenges may be daunting initially, if you persevere things will often turn out well in the end.  This is illustrated by the girl who has already reached the top and, with a broad smile on her face, is now helping her friend up.