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Sunday Hero!


Breaking News: Yesterday morning, a dog called Rocky was barking all day. The owners of Rocky didn’t know what was going on so they brought him in. After a while, they let Rocky back out but he started barking again. After about 10 minutes, Mr Brownlee came out to see what he was barking at.  Mr Brownlee went right under the oil tank. He was so surprised because he saw a cat called Chester stuck between two fences. Next he had a good look at the cat and he was not moving.

Mr Brownlee shouted, “It’s dead, it’s not moving!”.

Mrs Brownlee said, “Take the body out and show it to the owners.”

When Mr Brownlee took him out and shouted, “It’s not dead! It’s moving!”

“HOORAY!” said Mrs Brownlee, “go and give it to the owner, she will be so happy!”

After Rocky saved the day, Mr and Mrs Brownlee gave him medals around his neck.

By Olivia  P4