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NSPPC Online Safety Workshop for Parents


NSPCC delivered an Online Safety Workshop for parents.  It was a very interesting, thought provoking and informative event.  Hamilton, from NSPCC, led the parents and grandparents in discussion and ideas in how to keep our children safe online.  Hamilton emphasised the importance of having open discussion with our children, finding out what they do online, of establishing a trusting relationship and what the children should do if they find themselves uncomfortable or unhappy about what they come across. 

Parents were encouraged to use the Net Aware tool and the programme created by NSPCC and O2 to explore the issues around safe online use.  He gave tips on setting boundaries and ground rules for families to agree together and for adults to be good online role models.  He encouraged parents to manage the technology in their home, by using the parental controls and filters available.

Many thanks to NSPCC and Hamilton for the workshop, which helped parents understand their child’s life online and the ways we can keep them safe.

For additional help and support parents can call O2 or the NSPCC Online Safety helpline.