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Months of the year poems


Abbie in P6(NK) is a wonderful poet.  She has written a cycle of poems celebrating each month of the year. 

She was inspired to write her poems when she read a poem about November. 

The thing that she found most challenging was doing the acrostic element – because it was hard to find good ideas to go with each letter.

She liked how she made all the months related, like mothers and aunties and sisters.  She most enjoyed making the rhyming poems, thinking of rhymes makes her happy! 

Brilliant work Abbie.

Months of the year poems

January month no. 1

I’m January, number one,

Although my weather’s not that fun,

There’s always quite a large whoopee,

At the start of the year, look! That’s me!

I may not be as bright as August,           

April, June or May,

But I’m the first of the whole lot,            

So I just say, “Hooray!”   


Jumping jellyfish! New year!

Another rainy month? Oh well.

Nearly soaked to the skin!

Understand that I need summer!

A word of caution: don’t go out!

Ready, steady, run through rain!

Year 2019, here we come!!!



FEBRUARY      Month no. 2


I’m February, second month of the year,                             Finally! The month of 28!

The son of good old January dear,                                       Every child start a scream..

I’m rather dreary, so to speak,                                              Because it’s Valentine’s Day!

It’s true, my month is cold and bleak.                                  Ready, steady, scream fest!

I’m not all utter uselessness, you know,                               Understand? I didn’t think so!

It’s not SO bad that there’s not much snow,                         All parents, falling in love!

I’m not that miserable in any way,                                        Run! They’ll kiss you all over!

Whenever it comes to Valentine’s Day!                               Yes! It has passed!


March          Month no.3

I’m March, the amazing month number three,

I’m married to dear February, see.

I had two daughters, April, and her sister, May,

And became the month of St Patrick’s Day!

I love my job, I really do,

I start Spring, and sometimes Lent too,

But all you need to really know is,

I’m super cool, like, I’m the BIZ!


March, the start of the season of spring!

Always bright and blooming!

Really, do we still need our heavy coats?

Cats in the garden again!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!



April       month no. 4

I’m April the fourth, and I start with a bang,

Jokes, tricks and scares, and fake boomerangs!

Yes, it’s April Fools’ Day, and I hope you’ll agree,

That there’s no other month as naughty as me!

Peace and quiet might be your thing,

But it’s whoopee cushions and horns that make go ZING!

With my mother, March, and my sister, May,

I’m a practical joker in every way!


April Fools’ Day!

Practical jokes!

Raah! I scared you!

It’s just so good!

Laughter (and screaming) fills the room!




May        Month No.5

I’m May, the pretty little month number five,

More lambs being born, more honey in the hive,

No more skies of gloomy grey,

Most people say, “The month for me is May!”

Sis April got June, which made me feel sad,

But I got July, and he’s like, so RAD!

I’m the prettiest month, you’ll have to agree,

When you’re looking for beauty, come on! Pick me!


My! What a small poem!

Always bright and beautiful!

Yes, I love May! Wait, is the poem over already?




June         Month no.6

I’m June, the sixth month of this year,

My girl is mischievous April, she’s a dear (yeah, right)

I’m the start of summer, me and my bro July,

We’re HOT! HOT! HOT! And I think you know why.

Beachballs, deckchairs and an ice sundae,

According to the weather, things are going my way!

So, when you see the sun, I wanna hear you sing,

“That’s ol’ June up there – he’s doing his thing!


Jeez! It’s nearly halfway through the year already!

Umm…why are we still wearing coats?

Now it’s time to reveal the trunks and bikinis!

Everybody’s getting out the fans!



July         Month No. 7

I’m July, the beat boxing number seven,

My month is absolute summer heaven!

With my baby girl August, and my girlfriend May,

I even hold the record for the longest day!

Summer is the tops, I hope you’ll agree,

Because not even June is hotter than me!

But the thing that is definitely super cool,

Is that during my month…there’s no school!


Jumping jacks! NOW! Oh, wait, that’ll make me hotter!

Uno, dos, tres… CANNONBALL!

Lilos, pools and ice cubed lemonade!

Yo, T – shirts, shorts and flip flops, YEAH!




August       Month No. 8

I’m August, month eight, a real cutie pie,

But you’ll never believe it – I’m unbelievably shy.

In my youth I was scared by a clown, you see.

At school everyone laughed at me.

I’m scared of everything, from clowns to mice,

But I swear, I promise, I’m really nice!

My husband, October, is really cool,

But my problem is...I start school!


Aaah…such blissful relaxation…

Uh – oh! SCHOOL!

Get ready! We can’t be late for the first day!

Uuuh…what is it again? Two? No, four! Argh!

School, school, why did it have to be school?

Time for class, the bell rang!



September        Month No. 9

I’m September, month nine, and think you should know,

I’m a real smarty pants, a complete and utter pro,

But don’t think I’m snooty, or mighty and high,

I’m best friends with August, and she’s a little shy.                   School, back on again.

I’m the start of Autumn, and you have to admit,                        Every colour’s amazing!

My colours are everyone’s favourite bit!                                    Pack away the shorts!

Red, yellow and brown, they’re the colours for me,                  Time for the coats again!

I’m the nerdiest month, as you can see!                                      Even the rain is delicate!

                                                                                                      Magical flower displays!

                                                                                                      But here come the wasps!

                                                                                                      Even – OUCH! Wasps!

                                                                                                      Rain + sun = RAINBOWS!


October          Month no.10

I’m October, tenth month, and I’m doing my job,

Making people shriek and gasp and sob.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s Hallowe’en!

Not a time for flowers, a time for screams!

I’m married to August, though I don’t know why,

When it comes to Hallowe’en, she’s unbearably shy.

On the super scary night, she hides in bed, that silly one,

When I’m out trick or treating, and having loads of fun!


Oh no, it’s Hallowe’en!

Carcasses and tombs!

Terrible scares!

Oh, goodness! It’s a fake dead body!

B – b – bats! Ghosts! CLOWNS!

Every turn gives you a spooky fright!

Right! Tonight I’m going to bed early!



November             Month no.11

I’m November, month eleven, I’m as lonely as can be,

None of the months are that interested in me.

True, my weather’s boring, very cold, bleak and grey,

But not even my mother, August, looks my way.

So, yes, I am very lonely, without one friend to share

All my secrets and worries, I can never even dare.

I’m usually quite a tidy boy but I really look a sight

On my favourite holiday of the year, the infamous Bonfire Night! 


NO! The most boring month EVER!

Oh! Right! Guy Fawkes!

Very high flames!

Eh? I can’t hear you over the noise!

Magnificent fireworks!

Bonfire Night is the best!

Everybody sing!

Remember, remember, the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot!


December       month no.12

I’m December, last girl, final champ in the race,

It’s the end of the year, but just look at my face!

Not sad or gloomy, no! I’m cheerful and jolly,

For now, it’s time for mistletoe and holly!

It’s Christmas! A time of tidings and bliss,

The months of the year are who I spend it with.

And after the presents, and all the reindeer,

All I can say is: Have a Happy New Year!


Dear me! Is it really the end?

Endings are just new beginnings!

Christmas? No way! Woo hoo!

Everyone PAR – TAY!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

But wait! There’s still New Year to celebrate, right?

Everyone shout,” HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

Really? Now we’ve got ANOTHER  year of months to get through?