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RDS Science Fair Fun


P7 children attended the RDS Science Fair in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall. The Science Fair showcases STEM investigations (science, technology, engineering and maths) undertaken by primary school-aged children across Ireland. With a core focus on children’s skills development, it brings together teachers, parents and students to showcase class projects, share experiences and learn from each other.

P7 children came up with the question “Does the ‘school run’ contribute to playground air pollution?”

We have been very thankful to Dr Mark Hollywood, parent and member of the Smooth Muscle Research Centre, who helped us in the project. He provided us with two ‘Atmotubes’. These are small devices which measure the pollution in the air. The children monitored levels of air pollution in the car park every morning throughout April and May and collated the results. They then had the opportunity to present their findings with judges, visitors and other schools at the event.

The judges were very complimentary about the findings and presentations calling the project “extremely impressive” and remarking “your understanding and knowledge of your research really stood out – you should be very proud of your achievement”.

The children also had lots of fun on the day using Virtual Reality, riding on Segways, coding, playing drums, blowing bubbles and watching lots of interesting science shows.