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Lord Mayor Visits St Joseph's


On Thursday 18th January 2018 the School Council and four students from the Eco Committee met the Lisburn and Castlereagh Lord Mayor Tim Morrow and talked about what they have been doing since being elected.

The School Council, four Eco Committee members, Mr Ryan and Mr Cherry gathered in the meeting room while Mr Donnelly showed Mr Morrow around the school. When they were finished they came up to the meeting room to chat with us.

Mr Ryan asked the new P5 School Councillors if they could tell Mr Morrow a bit about how they were elected to the School Council. Then the P5 School Councillors explained the way they were elected and what happened with the votes and how they found out who was School Councillor.

Then the P6 School Councillors talked about when they visited the local parliament Stormont. They got to look around Stormont which is where the leaders of Northern Ireland make the rules. The P6 Councillors also told Mr Morrow how they worked with the Carryduff Regeneration Forum and they did a graph about road safety in Carryduff. They told him that they visited every class and did a power point and asked the pupils questions about the speed of traffic and if they thought Carryduff was a safe place.

The P7 School Councillors then talked about their Peace IV Programme work for the Carryduff Greenway. They want to help the Greenway because that will help our local community in Carryduff.

Then the Eco Committee members told Mr Morrow about writing letters to the School Council trying to get good ideas for the school. Some people wrote letters to tell the School Councillors that they thought that the school should have prefect passes so they could have more time for their prefect duties. The Eco Committee members also help to keep the Eco Garden clean. They also have a mini-beast hotel for lots of bugs and this helps the environment.

We also asked Mr Morrow about how he became Mayor and he said that it was similar to the way that we were elected to our School Council and he said that he had to give up farming to be Mayor because if you are elected to something you should give your best and that’s the best thing that you can do.

We loved meeting the Mayor. It was very interesting.

Maria P5